The New Jersey Construction Craft Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program is an innovative labor-management fund that recruits and trains men and women for careers as a Union Laborer. NJCCLAP is the state’s only federally approved apprenticeship program for construction craft laborers. 


Through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training, new members gain the skills to become a Construction Craft Laborer. LIUNA requires all new members to participate in a comprehensive apprenticeship program, consisting of 4,000 hours of on-the-job training with an additional 400 hours of classroom training. Through this program, men and women gain the necessary skills to building a career. 


All training is provided free of charge to qualified candidates, and apprentices are paid according to a schedule based on training and experience. Pay raises are given after each period of approximately 1,000 hours of work and training. 



First period at 60% of the journeyworker rate. 

Second period at 70% of the journeyworker rate. 

Third period at 80% of the journeyworker rate. 

Fourth period at 90% of the journeyworker rate. 


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